Each day’s winning 50-50 draw number will be posted here.

They will also be posted on the Evergreen Park 50-50 results page. You can also check out the app, Sportstreak5050 available on both Google Play and the Apple App store. Download the app and search for “Grande Prairie Agricultural & Exhibition Society”. Results from all Stompede 50-50 draws will appear here, on the Evergreen Park website and on the 50-50 Central app.

Each 50-50 draw is held through Evergreen Park’s AGLC-approved licensing.

Sunday, June 4

Winning number was D-102597 and it was claimed. Total pot was $16,379.

Saturday, June 3

Winning number was D-135760 and it was claimed. Total pot was $18,749.

Friday, June 2

Winning number was D-117821 and was claimed. Total pot was $7,440.

Thursday, June 1

Winning number was D-235998 and was claimed. Total pot was $6,699.

WednesdaY, MAY 31 DRAW

Winning number was D-597422 and was claimed at the show. The pot was $2,400.








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