Awards » Wagonmaster 2016

A  big name in the local chuckwagon scene has been recogniRon Kimblezed as the 2016 Wagon Master, Ron Kimble.

Kimble was born and raised in the Grande Prairie area and has been around horses all his life. Kimble has three children and five grandchildren and his children Lane and Rob had both served on the Stompede board. The wagon master is also a member of the Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation, and the Peace Draft Horse Club.

“I can’t think of anybody who locally has done more to benefit the community and to benefit the Stompede in particular,” said Jim Watson while introducing the new wagon master.

“I’m quite honoured to be asked to do that,” said Kimble. “I guess someone has to do it and it’s our turn… It’s enjoyable.”

As for what he’s looking forward to the most during this year’s Stompede, Kimble said it’s driving the horses and helping his son Lane with his chuckwagon.