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Miss Grande Prairie Stompede is an incredible opportunity, being selected as an ambassador for the Grande Prairie Stompede and the Sport of Professional Rodeo and chuckwagon racing. It is also an opportunity to promote western heritage and the cowboy way.

The purpose of the pageant is to select a young lady to serve as a representative for the upcoming 2018 season. The pageant provides a fair and equitable competition to select the best-qualified candidate to fulfill this role.

We encourage all applicants to read through the Miss Grande Prairie Stompede application package thoroughly, fill out each section and familiarize yourself with the information within this package. The list below serves as a checklist for what the applicants are required to submit in order to be eligible for the pageant.


Entries close April 1st, 2018

A complete application package will include:

-Point form resume on plain white paper

-Copy of driver’s license

-Complete application form

-$50.00 entry fee (non-refundable)


Queen Pageant Application 2018