Right of Entry Director:


  • Order wristbands and lanyards for all departments. (VIP/Sponsorship/Skybox/Beer Gardens/Admissions)
  • Lanyard cards designed and printed.
  • Director’s badges designed and printed.
  • Business Card size presales designed and printed.
  • Ensure Keddie’s Kids Day cards are made and delivered to all schools in the Peace Country.
  • Line up working group for the Admissions and Wrist Wrappers. 
  • Make all packages for sponsorship/tarp auctions/Skyboxes/Directors. 
  • Set up admissions areas at Tara Center and in front of Gordon Badger Stadium.
  • Make Admissions wristband packages for the working group for the week of the show.
  • Have a booklet made for EGP Parking of all ticket types and parking passes for each area.
  • Have admissions total the Sunday night of the show to send to the Ram Rep.
  • Make sure all holes in the fencing are blocked for ticket sales.
  • Maintain gate and grounds security



  • Get the contract signed by West Coast Amusements.
  • Get Presales tickets from West Coast Amusements.
  • Set up Presales at Center 2000.
  • Main contact for West Coast Amusements before and during the show.
  • Settle the presales with West Coast Amusements on the Thursday morning of show week.
  • Wait for West Coast Amusements to total up the sales for the week of the show on Sunday night.
  • Midnight Madness Friday be on call for Admission workers and security.



  • Get working group lined up for reserved seating area for ushering.


Reserved Seating:

  • Line up contract with Revolution Place for presales of Reserved Seating.
  • Contact each Reserved Seating customer to thank them for their continuous support of our event.
  • Pick up Will Call tickets from Revolution Place Tuesday after the Bust Out.
  • Make Reserved Seating Packages with lanyards etc.



  • Line up working group for the sales of the 50/50 tickets. 
  • Get the AGLC license.
  • Set up 50/50 computer, printers and sales machines underneath the stairs of the Gordon Badger Stadium.
  • Get float from Treasurer for workers each morning.
  • Make sure there is enough paper for all printers for the week of the show.


  • The term for this position is two years.
  • To ensure that your application is valid for the AGM, please make sure that your membership is complete. If not, please complete it here before filling in the form.
Volunteer Position: 2023 - 2025 Gp Stompede Board Of Directors
Job Location: Grande Prairie
Sorry! This job has expired.