ATV PRE-Application

The Grande Prairie Stompede Association has implemented a new policy and procedure in 2019 to streamline the operation of ATV’s during the 10 days prior and 10 days following the Grande Prairie Stompede. Each Unit that is operated on the grounds during this time MUST Complete the Following Application and Submit to the Stompede. Once Your Application has been approved your ATV Package will be available for pickup at the Stompede Headquarters located at Evergreen Park.

The Stompede Committee reserves the right to revoke ATV Operation Rights from any applicant should the operation of the unit be deemed unfit.

The Following Rules and Regulations MUST be followed

  • Always wear a helmet in open cabbed units
  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Never Carry more than one passenger on an ATV unless specifically designed for more than two people.
  • All Riders under the Age of 16 must be Supervised
  • Operate ATVs in designated areas only and at a safe speeds always ATVs will be allowed to park in the ATV designated parking area ONLY Display your Stompede ATV Permit at all times
  • Respect all Road Rules and be Courteous to all other road users including pedestrians
  • ATV’s are not permitted on the track at any time