2022 Awards


Each year we honor different members of the community and the Stompede Association with awards of distinction. Without the ongoing support of the community, and our volunteers, we couldn’t put on this event year after year.

Stomper of the year

This award is presented annually to a member of the Stompede Committee for exceptional volunteer service.

It is a prestigious honour of peer acknowledgement and appreciation.  Each member of our Committee submits their recommendation for Stomper of the Year.

Recommendations are based on:

  • Hours of service
  • Meetings attended along with
  • Teamwork & Dedication

STOMPERS are proud to enhance and promote the preservation of Grande Prairie’s Western Heritage.

2022 Stomper of the Year

Rae-Dawn Barker

The 2022 Stomper of the Year has been involved with the Grande Prairie Stompede for well over a decade. Her dedication to the GP Stompede event and the Stompede Association over the past 10 years is a prime example of tremendous philanthropy in our community. RaeDawn Barker has spent countless hours volunteering – with boots on the ground, hands in the dirt – and coordinating vital aspects of the Stompede logistics each year. She gives wherever she can, and we are so honored to have Miss RaeDawn Barker as a valued member of the SA Board and the 2022 Stomper Of The Year.


Each year a member of the Rodeo community who displays exemplary talent is selected as the Grande Prairie Stompede Wagonmaster. 

2022 wagonmaster

Orval Sorkin

Orval was born on the family farm on March 13, 1948, three miles north and west of the present-day Teepee Creek rodeo grounds.  He married Betty Brown in 1963 and raised 3 children Darcy, Shelley, and Laura on the family farm. At the time his father still farmed with horses but soon switched to machinery.

We try to pay homage to those who got us to where we are today, in that sense, we are standing on the shoulders of those who came before us to stage things like rodeos and wagon races. Orval does these things in his own way too. He honors the past and has a passion for preserving it and the physical structures of the buildings that housed and supported our pioneers.

To this end, he has restored and refurbished many of the local area’s historical buildings and moved them to his little village called Sorkenville. And when you visit the Teepee creek rodeo a must is a visit and tour of Sorkinville. He has constructed and restored many of the buildings and is proud to take people on tours.

Orval started as a delegate for this area to the UFA. Years later he became a director and rose over time to become Chairman of the board of the UFA. He has been president for several terms of Teepee creek stampede and has overseen many improvements to their grounds including the giant Teepee which serves as the main entrance.

He is one of the people that tries not to be noticed, but if you happen onto the grounds in the morning and see someone picking up trash, chances are it’s Orval.



Brandt is a customer-driven company, privately owned and family-run, strengthened by diversification and succeeding through specialization.

For nine decades, the people of Brandt have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the hardworking men and women that they serve.

“Brandt’s success is driven by a passionate belief in the unlimited potential of our company and the ultimate success of our customers and we act on that belief every single day.”

Lou, Kevin, and the team at the Brandt Tractor Grande Prairie branch are second to none.  After more than a decade of sponsorship and support of the Grande Prairie Stompede there is no question that Brandt has gone above and beyond for our committee, the event, and this community. The Stompede Association is proud to name Brandt Tractor, Grande Prairie the 2022 Stompede Business of the Year.

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