2023 Awards


Each year we honor different members of the community and the Stompede Association with awards of distinction. Without the ongoing support of the community, and our volunteers, we couldn’t put on this event year after year.

Stomper of the year

This award is presented annually to a member of the Stompede Committee for exceptional volunteer service.

It is a prestigious honour of peer acknowledgement and appreciation.  Each member of our Committee submits their recommendation for Stomper of the Year.

Recommendations are based on:

  • Hours of service
  • Meetings attended along with
  • Teamwork & Dedication

STOMPERS are proud to enhance and promote the preservation of Grande Prairie’s Western Heritage.

2023 Stomper of the Year

Ainsley Miller

The Stomper of the Year award is presented annually to a member of the Stompede Committee for exceptional volunteer service. It is a prestigious honour of peer acknowledgment and appreciation.

Each committee member submits their recommendation for Stomper of the Year based on hours of service, meetings attended, teamwork, and their dedication to the Grande Prairie Stompede and the preservation of our Western heritage.

This year’s recipient has proven that she embodies the spirit of this award as a dedicated member of the Grande Prairie Stompede Association Board of Directors, and as a devoted member of the community of Grande Prairie; working tirelessly to help this event and this community grow and thrive in more ways than one.

Congratulations to Ainsley Miller; the 2023 Stomper of the Year Award recipient. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to the Grande Prairie Stompede.


Each year a member of the Rodeo community who displays exemplary talent is selected as the Grande Prairie Stompede Wagonmaster. 

2023 wagonmaster

Garth Koll

Garth was born and raised in the Grande Prairie area, creating his homestead in the south Beaverlodge area. He married his wife, Rose, in 1965, and they have two children, Mitch and Susan, four grandkids, and one great-grandchild.

For many years, Garth worked in the bush for Canfor. He was the foreman of Camp 11, supervising up to 100 people in the early years of non-mechanized logging. Back on the farm, “Lucky Acres Quarter Horses”, Garth and Rose raised Quarter horses and have raised, sold, and shown several hundred horses all over the world. In fact, Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter has bought one of the Koll’s quarter horses. This journey began in 1974 with the purchase of a stud Famous Effort. Since then, all of their quarter horses have the name “famous” in them. Their granddaughter Sarah has gone on to win the American Quarter Horse Association championships twice, putting Lucky Acres Quarter Horses Ranch on the map.

Another hobby of Garth’s is leatherwork; repairing chuckwagon harnesses and saddles, and making fine belts, guitar straps, and scabbards. Garth and his family were also instrumental in creating the horse programs of the first Agri-shows at the old fairgrounds, which later became the Grande Prairie Stompede. Garth has also supplied many bales of feed and straw to chuckwagon drivers over many years here at the Stompede.

Ladies, gentlemen, and cow folk of all ages, your 2023 Stompede Wagon Master – Garth Koll.


R/T Rentals

When it comes to embracing the spirit of community, R/T Rentals is unmatched. Their dedicated team provided exceptional service and embodied the core values of teamwork, integrity, and generosity while supporting the 2023 event. We were incredibly fortunate to have them on board, and their work truly made a difference in the success of the Grande Prairie Stompede.

The staff from R/T Rentals went above and beyond, dedicating their time and resources to ensure the event was a roaring success. From the meticulous organization of logistics to their supportive nature and positive energy throughout, their contribution was essential in making the event setup run smoothly.

We are truly grateful for R/T Rentals’ commitment to community service. They have set a powerful example of corporate social responsibility that many other businesses can learn from. Their partnership was invaluable, and we sincerely look forward to working together in the future.

Thank you, R/T Rentals, for your incredible work and unwavering dedication. You have shown that great things can happen when businesses and communities come together. 

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