Infield Director:

  • Design and set up infield fencing, feed pens, sorting pens, bucking shoots, lead-up allies and all other fencing
  • Ensure all bucking chutes, timed event area and all fencing is working properly and animal safe. 
  • Set up and maintain all water distribution for livestock in the infield (miles of garden hose). Purchase hay and grain for livestock
  • Organize shacks, trucks to haul them and placement in the infield
  • Work with CPRA, stock contractors and Evergreen Park to ensure everything is good to go, make sure the arena is in rodeo condition and make sure all infield equipment is in place and ready. Ensure all rodeo infield staff/volunteer (including the high school rodeo team) is ready, willing and able to work.
  • Work with the chute boss during the performance to ensure Dodge trucks are in place.
  • Help with the sponsor (mainly Dodge and Albert Premium) signs and banners order and distribute rodeo event buckles
  • Ensure rodeo office is ready to go (phone, fax and so on)
  • ensure CPRA paperwork is filled out before and after, locate and hire vets and paramedics
  • Book and organize the rodeo clown, trick riders, rodeo/wagon announcers, chute boss, flag packers for the 5-day event, midway, and national anthem singers
  • Scripts for announcer, chute boss for 5 days
  • Book and organize sports medicine for each day of the rodeo
  • Organize the setup and take down of banners and flags for infield and flag packers. 
  • Organize and plan all opening and closing ceremonies
  • Plan and organize calf scramble for each performance
  • Deal with any animal issues that may arise during the rodeo. 
  • Responsible for finding assistance when needed to complete tasks
  • Accountable for all budgetary items under the portfolio
  • Collect all information from Rodeo, Wagon, Sponsorship, Queen and Arts Expo Directors.
  • Write scripts for all Rodeo Performances. (Thursday to Sunday)
  • Write scripts for all Wagon Performances. (Wednesday to Sunday)
  • Get all the draws for the rodeo and wagons for Ello to make program inserts.
  • Coordinate all Grand entries for Rodeo and Wagons
Job Location: Grande Prairie