• Makes sure all money paid to the Society is deposited in a chartered bank, treasury branch or trust company chosen by the Board.
  • Makes sure a detailed account of revenues and expenditures is presented to the Board as requested.
  • ¬†Maintains Board members’ individual budgets for approval of the Executive.
  • Makes sure an audited statement of the financial position of the Society is prepared and presented to the AGM.
  • Ensures that all invoices are paid and all sponsorship money is collected
  • Ensures that floats are handed out daily during the show to the areas that require floats and distribute to the designated director.
  • Ensures all money collected during the show is deposited nightly into the bank
  • Makes sure that all the floats, etc. are ready for both nights of the beer gardens and distribute to the designated director
  • Take all buyers’ information for bidding numbers for the sale and Auctioneer.
  • Get all papers signed for the buyers/drivers.
  • Take all membership information and payment for the association.
  • Have pre-made receipts ready for the AGM.
  • Have float prepared for the AGM
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board.
Job Location: Grande Prairie